Inmate Dismembered With Brains And Face Removed

Inmate Dismembered With Brains And Face Removed

So remember our friend from a few days ago? The video cut off even though it looked like those guys weren’t finished with him. Well, it turns out they had A LOT more planned for his bloody corpse. This entire event took place in a prison and in this video the rage continues with the back of his head completely opened up and the men digging out his brains like a bunch of starving zombies and then they pulled out his other eye. They chopped off his limbs, ears and sliced off his face putting it all together in a nice and organized display. Finally, they laid his bloody, brainless skull on top of his torso. I’m surprised they kept his dick attached…they were savage as fuck!

Thank you Pinky for the updates!

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18 thoughts on “Inmate Dismembered With Brains And Face Removed

  1. They cut off all his extremities – but left his penis and balls attached? Man, THAT’S FUCKED UP! The penis and balls should be the FIRST to be cut off – while the guy’s still alive and alert. The sight of his beloved privates being taken away and given to a stranger as a trophy is humiliation that’s an extreme torture in itself. Like we’ve seen in other killings, you first strip the victim naked, hang him upside down by his ankles, then begin with cutting off his penis and balls. Then, for pain, you snip off his fingers and toes – one by one. Then you cut off his hands and feet, then his arms and legs. Ending the torture and humiliation by cutting off his head and bleeding out what’s left of his body.

    • @derkopfsammler
      The original source says it is but I get what you’re saying. I see a hose on the ground so I assumed they washed away majority of the blood including on his torso and the shattered back of the skull allowed the front to lay easily on the torso. Who knows for sure but I’m going with what the source said, either way it’s a crazy ass pic 😆

    • There is something photoshoppy about that pic. Like the head is superimposed ?
      The cement floor looks the same (although I’m sure every Brazilian jail floor looks like that ?), but i do agree they could’ve easily washed the blood off the body with that water hose, but that head ?….
      it’s very large compared to the torso, and it has short spiky hair, whereas the other dude seemed to have longish curls. The head also seems to be hovering above the torso…hmmmm ?
      @littlefoot @derkopfsammler @vycioha

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