Pharmacist Shot Dead By Schizophrenic Man Who Was Denied Pain Killers

Pharmacist Shot Dead By Schizophrenic Man Who Was Denied Pain Killers

Video here shows a pharmacist in Brazil being murdered by a schizophrenic man. The killer had been to the pharmacy earlier in the day and tried to buy pain killers for which he needed a prescription for but did not have one. The pharmacist on duty denied him, explaining to him that by law.. he could not give him opiates without a prescription. The man became angry and stormed out. A little while later, the killer told his mother he was going back to the pharmacy to kill the pharmacist who had turned him away. When his mother tried to stop him.. he shot her in the head. He made his way to the pharmacy and did just as he said, he killed the man. As of right now, the mother is still in critical condition and the killer has been arrested.

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19 thoughts on “Pharmacist Shot Dead By Schizophrenic Man Who Was Denied Pain Killers

  1. Holy shit!!! Rip innocent pharmacy man!!!! Hope the Mother pulls through! My assumption is that the Mother wasn’t helping her son get treatment for a mental issue that she had to have known he had. Had he been under the care of a Doctor and on a regiment of medication none of this would have happened . Almost like he was self medicating with the opiates . Just a totally agonizing story and feel horrible for the family of the pharmacist .

    • Medical care costs money. Brazil may have a state run medial scheme for it’s citizens, like the NHS (UK) or OHIP (Ontario, Canada). However, like most state run health care schemes, there are long wait lists for specialists, especially psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. What’s aother to do with an adult schizophrenic? It’s not her fault.

  2. Dion’t know what can cause someone to lose their heads all in a matter of minutes
    Incomprehensible … he would have known what was
    coming ……& that simple denial would lead to his
    tragic death .
    Although he upheld the prescribed norms but paid with his dear life …….If I were him I would have sold him what he came for
    .In Brazil the pharmacist must wear their body armour suits just in case
    And then another twist to the tale is why the hell did he shoot his mother in the head .
    He must have been thinking that his mom also was a pharmacist selling opiates over the counter ……..headless moron .

  3. He must have used a different gun on his mom. I don’t see how she could still be alive (albeit in critical condition) if he shot her in the head… he fucking DESTROYED the pharmacist’s noggin!!!

  4. AMAZING! All that blood and not a single drop on his white shirt, white pants, or white shoes……. except maybe that spot on the shoulder, but I’m not sure if that’s blood or some kind of pharmacist uniform patch thingy ?

    • “Norman Bates” went back to the pharmacy to kill, not negotiate. It was game over for the pharmacists when he refused to sell opiates without a prescription earlier that day. Sadly, you really never know if the next argument, road rage or date refusal will end in your death at the hands of the mentally ill.

      • @labarang
        You’re right, that pharmacist could’ve tried to give him 10 boxes of pain pills and 10 hot chicks just to bury the hatchet, but it probably still wouldn’t have stopped that psycho from killing him.

        Kinda like Sex Machine, hearing voices in his head saying “Kill them”

  5. That’s the work of hollow points. Most likely .357 magnum. Most handgun rounds don’t exit the skull unless they happen to enter through a soft cavity like an eye socket. Some +P .40 and .45 rounds might, but they’re probably scarce in South America. The .357 round is a pure penetrator , with lots of velocity and a narrow projectile. One of the few handgun calibers bear hunters use as a backup to their rifle.

  6. I have mental problems don’t think I would ever get this bad but if I ever do man I would feel so fukn bad. and I would never shoot my own momma. maybe the pharmacist after I’m done banging her huh huh huh!!!! or after whichever comes 1st 😉

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