Ginger Hoe VS Pack Of Angry Black Assholes

Ginger Bitch VS Pack Of Angry Black Assholes

Iiiiiiin the left corner.. we have a pack of angry iaintstealyourTVs jumping around like the last chicken wing on the buffet is up for grabs(I know this because I act the same way when someone eats my burritos.)… aaaannnnddd in the right corner.. we have a soulless thong showin’ ginger skank who thought it would be cool to be the only white girl within a five mile radius. I’m not sure why this fight broke out in the first place but ginger girl is catching some hard punches and throwing out some weak shit. She should’ve been hanging out with Asians instead. At least she could’ve picked up some karate or something.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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28 thoughts on “Ginger Hoe VS Pack Of Angry Black Assholes

  1. Damn not one guy or even one girl for that matter is gonna step in and say that it’s not too cool to be beating up a girl?? Don’t know why this girl is getting a beat down or if it’s even deserved but if it was they should have had a girl give her the beat down. Makes me wonder if this dude would take a swing on his own Mother!

  2. Never mind all the obvious shit wrong with this video, but the fact that FOUR GUYS ganged up on ONE girl, and she was able to walk away???!!! They should just cut their nuts off now! Pathetic little bitches!
    That’s fucking embarrassing!
    I’d never show my face again! ???
    (Not that i would ever hit a female ?)

  3. I know several months ago, I said that if a girl took a full on swing at a guys head, she opens herself up for retaliation in kind. This is different, though. This isn’t someone protecting themselves, this is just pure assault. Even if she did take a swing first, there is no need for further assault after the initial reaction. She’s not the one going back for more. Hope all these wanna be thugs are caught and punnished.

  4. This is how all nigger hoods are, they all fight and start crap just so they can act like animals, I had to live among these sidewalk apes for a year and was so happy when we finally moved to an all white neighborhood, never again will I ever live with or around them.

  5. They were fighting over who got to tap that later. I think the last one to knock her down wins.

    I don’t know who won what or even when but she sure did use her entire body to block the kicks and punches ensuring that none missed.

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