WTF: Girl Sticks Stiletto Into Man’s Dickhole

WTF: Girl Sticks Stiletto Into Man's Dickhole

Just when you think shit can’t get any weirder. This is a sexual fetish called “sounding” or what is also referred to as; cock-stuffing, which is pretty self-explanatory. But if you can’t already tell, it’s a fetish that men(and maybe some crazy feminist bitches) have where they enjoy sticking things in their dickhole. Some go to the extreme like the man in the video and want their penises to squirt out blood everywhere, lookin’ like he’s on day two of his man period. I don’t get it, but whatever floats his boat.

Thaaaaanks to @MrsPink!

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36 thoughts on “WTF: Girl Sticks Stiletto Into Man’s Dickhole

  1. The worst idea, in the long, sad, history of bad ideas. I can see some dudes being down for regular sounding, provided they use proper sounds that are sterilized. But this is beyond stupid. Not only is he risking a UTI, but the scarring could permanently damage Mr. Winky. It’s not a paired organ like eyes, kidneys, and for most dudes, balls. If you damage Mr. Winky beyond repair, you’re stuck like that for life.

  2. That penis looks like it’s been abused a lot. Lumpy scars don’t look good. But you’re given one set of male genitals – so you need to balance with making them last as long as you live, vs. not letting unused ones be buried with you when you die. Use them up, but not until you’re all done with them.

    • Nope!

      However……I clicked on play before realizing I needed more KoolAid so at first all I knew was that someone really sounded like he was getting his rocks off big time. Hmm…I thought, let me get back to the table and see what this actually was. Then, damn, man, a blood-gazm…really??? I think I will just mentally block the video out and just keep the audio. Perhaps this is why I don’t even own a pair of high heels. And why I’ve done without since 1992!

    • Depends a lot on what the woman is into. Some females LOVE getting rough with their favorite penis and balls. And blood doesn’t matter either.

      I’ve had girlfriends and wives who, once they knew I was okay with it, loved experimenting and trying things they could never even think of with other men. Women can be tender, loving, sensitive – and vicious and cruel, all at the same time.

  3. I swear this site is getting better & better at opening up my eyes to the strangest shit ever! I never even knew some of this stuff even existed….can’t wait to see what other far out shit is coming our way!

  4. What a waste of a big girth uncut dick. If dude’s face was shown and he was handsome, I’d be pissed that he’s into this shit. I’ll just assume it’s some big fat fugly bear.

    Some people are into weird ass shit and to each their own, but squirting out blood like that cannot be healthy. It reminds me of this hot ass dude I was dating who was 6’6″ (I’m 6’2″ so guys who are taller than me are fucking hot) but he was such a waste because for starters, he had the smallest dick I have ever seen. Actually second smallest. Secondly, he wanted me to fist him ALL THE TIME. It’s like… Ok once or twice a week is fine but he wanted to at least twice a day! When I’m not around, he would stick shit up there by himself. Nothing glass, though, or else I would have stuck around just for you all.

    Anyway, what a goddamn waste. My “weirdest” fetish is that I love to eat ass.

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