Jazz Musician Gets Second Degree Burns On Hand From Lime Juice

Musician Gets Second Degree Burns On Hand From Lime Juice

This is 52-year-old jazz musician, Adam Levy from Minnesota. Adam was just recently diagnosed with photodermatitis when he received severe second degree burns from lime juice. He was preparing food for his daughter’s graduation party and making a homemade steak sauce, as he was squeezing lime juice for the sauce he noticed his hands became very red and felt like they were sunburned. Over the next day the burns became worse and worse leading to second degree burns. He has a very large burn blister in the photos. The video takes place after his blister was already drained. Hopefully he recovers completely because as a guitar and piano player myself.. I can’t imagine anything happening to my hands to cause me to have to quit. That’s a nightmare.

Thanks to my momma for sending me this. Hi mom.

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17 thoughts on “Jazz Musician Gets Second Degree Burns On Hand From Lime Juice

  1. I always have lemons and limes from my lemon tree and I always squeeze them with my hands and never once did this happen to me, what were the limes he used? killer limes? or maybe my limes are sweet ones,, just thought I would share this not sure why

  2. I was working at a large marina when this happened to me. Went to my doctor, who sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist took one look and it was she worked for the CIA or something – she knew exactly what I had been doing. Working in the sunshine. I have one or two mixed drinks each evening, with a slice of lime. I squeeze the lime slice a bit to release some juice into the drink. All, “Yup”.

    She said it’s common in the Caribbean. They call it “Bartender’s Sunburn”, and it affects mostly light-complected people with fair skin. The combination of intense sun several hours each day, along with the acid in the lime burns the skin. She said it’s just a superficial thing and not to worry. Just eliminate the limes, and it would go away. She was right. I now drink my vodka-tonics without lime.

  3. That’s typical of the Jazz musicians to get swells and burns with just a shot of lime juice …….kinda funny though
    Imagine if he had touched some acid he would have surely melted to a meat blob.
    Do remember please as the experts would say that
    It is a good practice to rub some salt and lime juice all over the body and the fret board before playing licks and riffs

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