Fire Breathing Performance Goes Wrong

Fire Breathing Performance Goes Wrong

Early last week in Kemerovo, Russia, at some kind of festival, a fire-breather was performing for a crowd of people when suddenly things went wrong and the man’s entire face and head caught on fire. At first it seems like everything is going well, as well as breathing fire can go, and then out of nowhere things ain’t going so well anymore. I have a friend who does this insane shit every weekend and I have to admit.. it actually is pretty cool watching her do it, but there is a reason I always film her doing it… just in case. This was the third incident involving performers accidentally setting themselves on fire at the very same festival on the very same day. What did you learn today, class? Don’t. Play. With. Fire.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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  1. The guy with the fire extinguisher at the end was like, is he dead? Cuz if he’s dead, then i ain’t wasting this extinguisher. Its the only one we got, and I don’t wanna get a fine for breaking regulations ????

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