Toddler Cries Tears Of Blood

Toddler Cries Tears Of Blood

The little girl in the video is 3-year-old Ahana Afzal from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Two years ago Ahana started bleeding from her nose during a bout with pneumonia. Doctors blamed the bleeding on the child’s high fever and sent her home. But now, two years later, the toddler is bleeding from her eyes, mouth, and ears on a daily basis causing her to have severe migraines. Her parents have spent most of their savings on tests for their little girl but still have no answer and no official diagnosis, but doctors in India suspect the child has a ultra-rare condition called hematidrosis, which is where the person affected sweats blood. I’ve seen several cases like this and it’s a little bit of a controversial subject in the medical community. Some doctors believe the condition is faked for attention more times than it is a real case. Several people have been caught faking, but this little girl’s case seems to be genuine in my opinion.

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14 thoughts on “Toddler Cries Tears Of Blood

  1. Oh that little angel! 🙁 I hope there’s a millionaire or someone out there somewhere who can donate to this family to get this little girl the medical care that she needs.

  2. Babies and animals and I’m no more good. Doesn’t India have some of the best doctors in the world or hopefully someplace somewhere a doctor see’s this and drools at the chance of treating such a rare condition.

  3. That sucks. I get migraines very occasionally, possibly the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. I can’t imagine how she feels being too young to understand what going on and bleeding as well. I hope her family can find treatment for her.

  4. Anyone notice about 3/4 of the way through the video when the girl turned away from the camera and for a second the blood was all gone! It was quick so if you were not paying attention you may have missed it. Was it fake? Was the video more than one stitched together? Any ideas?

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