Maggots Feast on Faces

Maggots Feast on Faces

I just love maggots! I can’t not post a video of them when a good one comes along. They’re mini garbage men cleaning up all the nasty shit in our world. Today we’ve got two videos of these little guys going after faces. The first one they’re focusing on a woman’s left eye. No clue what the hell happened to her but it looks like the eyeball is still under there even though I doubt she’ll be able to use it anymore. In the second video the man’s mouth is completely gone and covered in maggots. It reminds me of a suicide fail via shotgun. He’s skinny as hell too and I’m sure that’s from not being able to eat properly. I don’t see him pulling through this one. At least he’s providing a nice meal for his maggot friends.

Thank you Pinky!

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25 thoughts on “Maggots Feast on Faces

  1. Me thinks ………….All of the maggots were saying to each other …….that a host as good as this just can’t be missed …

    While the man said ……..
    Keep on eating my face let others follow
    then the maggot had this to say ……….
    But if we must freak it’s not easy to breathe

  2. He did allow maggots to feast on his face as he’d made a promise .
    A promise is a promise after all ……..and maggots would
    have avenged it anyhow if it wasn’t to be kept .
    but but Mister how by the queen of maggots he just shrugged off forgetting about visiting the nearest arse faced Doctors in town .

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