Woman Decapitated by Kite Line

Woman Decapitated by Kite Line

Story that goes with this one says that a woman was riding a motorcycle on the highway when a kite crossed in front of her. She was going fast enough that when she hit the line, her head was cleanly sliced off of her body. If that’s true, then damn, that sucks.

Just goes to show, folks, you never know.

Props to the Pink!

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22 thoughts on “Woman Decapitated by Kite Line

  1. But the body landing in that perfect position? Me thinks not. Looks more like narcos bent her backwards and chopped her head off with a machete. If she really were moving at a high rate of speed, the blood streaks would be somewhat lateral. Nope. She was stationary when she was beheaded.

    • @uniballer It’s very possible that authorities had trouble translating the story!
      Or, maybe she was on her way to the park to fly a kite, but then the cartel intercepted her and beheaded her right there, then they staged the whole scene using her kite.
      I’m really trying here!

  2. It possibly can happen when ISIS fly their kites incognito and one never knows whether its the threaded or the wire string . put to use .
    This woman was unlucky to meet such a gory fate .
    wait a minute I think it could be a small little ISIS CUB who was flying that kite in the near vicinity right there on that same road and he was using guitar strings

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