Two Young Guys Interviewed Then Shot Dead In Brazil

Two Young Guys Interviewed Then Shot Dead In Brazil

Two young Brazilian dudes who look like they are most likely teenagers were shot dead on the night of Friday, July 7th. The murders took place in Parnamirim, Pernambuco, Brazil. The two boys are filmed talking to the guy holding the camera, but I have no idea what they’re saying. I can say that it doesn’t look as if they knew what was about to happen to them. The first kid is laughing and doesn’t seem like he knows he is going to die in the next few minutes. The two are shown being shot multiple times at night, then the video cuts to daylight and you can clearly see the two boys are dead. I don’t know if the killers came back and filmed the bodies or if the last part of the video was taken by officials.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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14 thoughts on “Two Young Guys Interviewed Then Shot Dead In Brazil

  1. The 3 parts of the video doesnt seem to be filmed by the same people though, first they kids were bragging how they had cut one of PCC’s (Primeiro Comando da Capital) members hand, and that they kill PCC’s and shit like that… The second part shows them being shot by PCC members… 😆 wew lads… And the third part of the video is just apparently a couple of bystanders analysing their bodies and the bullet wounds.

  2. Didnt look like they had a dollar between them – so robbery out of question.
    I think that the “sat on the wall” one was, quite understandably, killed because of his Daft hat. The other guy was just unlucky…leave no witnesses. After all, The killers werent Mickey and Mallory Knox?

  3. Hats and casuals are a total no no when its interview time .
    The interviewer lost his cool and shot them down because the duo weren’t realizing and acting their actual age but more like some big adults with long pubics not knowing that they were filmed on the telly and on AIR

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