Brazilian Man’s Corpse Stabbed Repeatedly

Brazilian Man's Corpse Stabbed Repeatedly

I don’t have a lot of information on this one other than it happened yesterday morning in Ceara, Brazil. I’m gonna need our trusty translators for this one because I don’t have a damn clue what he’s saying. This could be drug related or some crime he was punished for, who the hell knows. After his little speech the video cuts to his bloody corpse. Unfortunately, we don’t see his actual death but his dead body is repeatedly stabbed in the head and it looks like one guy is trying to pull out his eye at the very end. They made a nice big slice on the side of his head too. They fucked this guy up!

P.S. This has been brought to my attention recently so I’d like to take a moment to give a big fuck you to the moron(s) who continue to steal our videos. Not only do we get exclusive content from our awesome Pinky but the videos are also edited in a way so that they are unique and it’s easy to see when someone takes them directly from the site. It’s been happening more and more frequently and honestly it’s pathetic at this point especially considering it’s posted here and then a day later you see it on another site cropped or blurred to hide the watermark. Content gets stolen all the time but when a particular site steals all their shit from other sites yet claims to be first in posting while other gore sites are inferior then I have no problem calling you out . So to our little thieves, keep making yourselves look desperate by having to steal from us so that you can have your 5 seconds of recognition and keep another site going. Enjoy the sloppy seconds dipshits.

And as always thank you to our beautiful Pinky

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14 thoughts on “Brazilian Man’s Corpse Stabbed Repeatedly

  1. Initially when the video began I got fooled thinking wearing a white T …pounding the chest with Thumbs up signs in Brazil would mean the good times are not far .
    But here its the bang opposite they pried open his eyes ran the poker through his skull and gave him a crimson red bath ..with some of his head meat on the floor for a cushion effect .

  2. @derkopfsammler
    Bro I tried your method and played it various times and I don’t understand a lick. But what I do know this looked like a rival gang beef in prison. This dude knew he was about to die an insanely gruesome death but stoically pledging allegiance to his faction with pride almost like saying ‘f’ you to them.

    • @camilo , close enough, it was gang related, but he seemed to have went there to betray his “family”, for the sake of maintaining peace since there was another faction that was “cousin” to that rival one. Dunno why they kill them though, i dont know the alliances and rivalities between the dozens of different gangs in there. 😀

        • @camilo , i wish… 😆 but nah, i just know a few words of some, and to me it just helps that when i was a kid, and used to go to my grandparents place in the eastern part of the country (about 10Km from the Spanish border) when they were alive to spend school vacations in there, most of the tv channels that the antenas would catch were spanish, and i used to go shopping at a spanish town with my grandfather, so i kinda understand a few things in spanish. As for brazilian-portuguese, well, we were the ones to teach them how to speak portuguese anyways, but they still have some different words to ours, and different ways to pronounce it. But back then there used to be alot of brazilian immigrants arround in here, so we kinda got used to some of those words.

  3. I dont know if thats the same guy or not, he said something like:

    “Im here to rip the FDN shirt (Familia do Norte (North Family)). Im here in the CPPL3 (the prison) because i heard alot of bullshit from FDN about CV (Comando Vermelho (Red Commando)), and i _dont judge wrong, i dont mess with the family_ (i didnt understood this part well), and i was like your cousin, loyal to the “15” from the bottom of my heart… (the guy filming then asks) > Is anyone making you stay here? – Not at the moment, im here from the bottom of my heart to _point you_ (?) to the Family (FDN), thats why i came, to ours.” (Thumbs up 😆 )

    At the end the guys killing him kept saying – “We’re all from “3” (probably TCC – Terceiro Comando da Capital (Third Commando of Capital)), and we’re all from “1” (PCC – Primeiro Comando Da Capital (First Commando of Capital)), you hear!? Take off his eye, i want his eye…”

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