Man Suffers Some Front End Damage in Wreck Along with Agonal Breathing

Man Suffers Some Front End Damage in Wreck Along with Agonal Breathing

A man driving his car got into a nasty collision which totalled the front of his vehicle, as well as his own body. The man is technically still alive as a crowd forms around him. Although agonal breathing has set it, pretty much saying that this man is a goner despiter one man trying to help him by cushioning the man’s head as he lay there in the front seat. Not sure if anyone else was injured or killed, looks like it may have just been him involved although the other doors of his car are open, suggesting passengers had fled the vehicle. Not sure but it’s nice to see someone attempt to help rather than just gawking.

Props to the Pink!

21 thoughts on “Man Suffers Some Front End Damage in Wreck Along with Agonal Breathing

  1. I believe they mentioned something about a tire that bursted and a truck, but i didnt understood how they related both (because of the background noise), and i suppose a “boy” was with him in the back seat, they guy filming it just said “poor boy”… Im just speculating from what i’ve heard though. 😀

  2. Im very sad to say, that the thing that i find unusual about this video – compared to other accident videos we see here – is that the guy is actually receiving some help and basic human/humane comfort from a witness of the accident.
    What kind of fucking world are we living in where this is the exception, not the norm?
    yeah, yeah, “click the puppy” n all that… but i find it really is heartbreaking.

    • @karmen40
      Read this yesterday and it almost sums it up
      “I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative”!

      Translation:”I care about you so long as it doesn’t conflict with my paycheck “!

  3. His lower half has totally gotten wedged in between and unless mangled remains of the car are carefully extricated out ……even his mangled lower half can not be salvaged . He must have ended up stuck to the sharpest sharp torn apart metal cut outs .
    That agonal breathing is his last song about Head on Collisions when he drove it like a maniac on the road to hell.

    Last but no the least
    His car doors are left ajar because that’s from where his soul bid its last Good Bye ..

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