Bloody Man Stripped Naked and Forced to Walk Home

Bloody Man Stripped Naked and Forced to Walk Home

This one is kinda funny. A bloody man is shown being savaged in the middle of the road. He is gradually stripped of his clothing despite his pleas. We don’t see how he got the bloody wound but it doesn’t seem to be anything life threatening. The man is then shown getting up and walking home in his birthday suit. I hear the word “cabrรณn” (asshole) over and over so if any Spanish speaking members can translate what is being said maybe we can solve the mystery of why this man was beaten and stripped. ?

Thanks, @mrspink!

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25 thoughts on “Bloody Man Stripped Naked and Forced to Walk Home

  1. He was a thief that was caught stealing, they mentioned the word “ratero”, wich means just that. ๐Ÿ˜† The most relevant things that i could understand was at the end when he said something like:
    “This is what happens to those sons of whores that gets themselves to steal! Fucking thieving asshole!”

    And when the car approached he asked:
    – “Did you caught him stealing?”
    – “Yeah, we caught him stealing, dude!”

  2. The best part came last when the thieving arsehole started with his sole Marathon never looking back . By the end of that highway there is a prize surprise waiting for him .
    No guesses there cause he is gonna get a sex doll

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