Thief Shot as Punishment

Thief Shot as Punishment

I don’t know where this is or what was taken but a young thief was punished for stealing. He may have stolen the item that was handed to him in the beginning of the video. I don’t know what the fuck that is? Does anyone know? The men surrounding him decided to shoot him right through his hands and again in the leg. I gotta say he handled that like a fucking champ. I don’t even see his eyes glistening. I’m not sure if they did anything else after the video but if all he ended up with were some Jesus hands and a limp he’s pretty damn lucky. We’ve all seen how some people punish thieves. Hopefully, he’ll think twice next time.

Thank you to the Pinkster!

28 thoughts on “Thief Shot as Punishment

    • I thought so too! If they start shooting weenies off, they’ll all get the message and stop stealing shit.
      Steal and you’ll never have sex ever again!
      Ya, that should work ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Looks like maybe a weed eater but hard to tell since you can’t see the end. They should have shot his stupid ass in the head for stealing! Somebody probably used that tool to make a living and put food on his family’s table.

  2. Should have put that fucker to work. Pimp him like a ho with his new-to-him equipment. add a little string to hands and leg, and you can be the first on your block with a remote controlled grass trimming puppet.

    Never will see anyone getting blasted for stealing work boots, unless they are work flip-flops.

  3. They guy was caught stealing shit from homes, he stole one of those lawn mowers or whatever those things are called in english. He said that he stole it out or “necessity”, they mention a woman too, but i didnt understood what they said after… maybe he stole a woman too or something, or he stole that from a woman.

  4. At one point they decided to go after his groin but the fella just
    got lucky to have been let off with just three bullets .
    Thatโ€™s all there to pay for now with few gun shots to the hands and the leg for a piece of junk like that .
    Serves him right but
    Budding thugs must note carefully : Just remember to whack the seedy weed well without leaving a trace .

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