Man Turned Into Pretzel in Tractor Accident

Man Turned Into Pretzel in Tractor Accident

Hello. Unfortunate man here was working on his farm or his emloyer’s farm when he got himself caught in a piece of farming equipment. We’ve seen this time and again but this guys arm got caught and it was twisted until it was ripped and the man looks like he bled out. Probably went down like a crocodile or alligator would kill it’s prey. Made me think of The Mangler.

Thanks, Pinky!

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23 thoughts on “Man Turned Into Pretzel in Tractor Accident

    • I am not so sure that is blood on the tree. I noticed the tree at the beginning of the video had the same discoloration in two large patches. It is probably some kind of fungus. It does look like blood, though.
      It’s crazy how some of the skin and tissue is wrapped around the machine. Also, it skinned a large portion of his chest! Ouch! I wonder if his neck was broken. It looks like he was tossed around violently enough to do just that. I hope his neck broke and killed him instantly.

  1. Plain Reckless I wonder who of the two was ploughing whom !.
    But that’s bizarre for a farmer to be in Jeans and T-shirt
    He did try though sowing the seeds but failed as a modern farmer .
    Alternatively jerking near tractors or big machines isn’t a good idea… he could have jerked wearing nothing a little far under shade of a tree.

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