Badly Beaten Man Is Set On Fire

Badly Beaten Man Is Set On Fire

No info on this video yet but it shows a man in skimpy underwear already very badly beaten inside of a shopping cart. He’s pushed and dumped out of the cart and onto the ground. It’s clear he can barely move. The men in the video drag the victim several feet and then a flammable liquid is poured on the man and he is lit on fire. The man rolls and gets up to run. When he runs off camera you hear a splash, so apparently they were close to water and he jumped in. He moans in pain the rest of the video. I can only imagine what he did or didn’t do to warrant the punishment he received.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

Happy 4th to all the people in the US. Please remember when you’re popping fireworks tonight to keep your camera on in case you accidentally blow off your hand, and don’t forget to send the video in.?

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41 thoughts on “Badly Beaten Man Is Set On Fire

  1. I can speak Spanish but damn do i wish I could speak portugués. Not knowing what the favela convicted him of to go all barbaric. Luckily there was a sequía close by so he could relieve himself. Just by the totality of their demonic ways this guy didn’t survive. RIP RIP

      • Fuck! BOOM! Christ. My cat used to hide under the bed but now he just lays down next to me knowing I’ll keep him safe or visa versa. If I even attempted to go under my bed I’d be stuck for certain and I’m highly claustrophobic. Just the thought sends me into a mild panic. ??????

          • Yes! You remember that? That was a long time ago and yeah he ran off a few times early on but doesn’t anymore. It scared the shit out if me when it happened and even though I did rescue him off of the same streets (well he came to me) I was still worried. Shithead always came back after a few hours. I hadn’t had a cat since I was 16 and became attached to him. He became my roommate on December 12th 2015.

          • @trainwreck
            Yeah i guess it was a good while back. Not sure why i remember it lol. I guess it’s just something i could relate to. I seem to remember @littlefoot and several others trying to comfort you.
            I forget how long I’ve known you guys.

          • @gorycory and @trainwreck my black cat that ran away never did come back, I’m still looking for the old guy but my vet said a coyote could have took him and ate him, we have those around here and I do live close to the mountains. ????

          • @ladybug I am so sorry I know the unknowing can sometimes be harder than the loss itself I get that. Anything I wanted to say now seems more hurtful than helpful after thinking about it a what’s in my head is better left unsaid ?

          • @ladybug
            Aww thats an awful thought ?…. let’s just pretend he found a hot kitty girlfriend and started a family down the road ??

          • @gorycory and @trainwreck Thanks you guys, I hope only good things happen to him but its been over a year or so, even if he is still breathing (which down deep I know he his not, because he was on seizure meds daily, so I know he is gone now) but Trainwreck is right,, its the not really knowing hurts more. he was a great black cat, but good news, I did manage to get my white cat, 17 yrs old now back from the people I gave him to when I thought I was going to move back to Russia and didn’t, so now I have all my pets back and plus one more kitten I did adopt for my white kitty so he would not be lonely, so now I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and 2 kids, one happy family again

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