Four People Dead in Accident Between Car and Motorcycle

Four People Dead in Accident Between Car and Motorcycle

Four people were killed and at least one injured in an accident on a rural road somewhere in Brazil… I guess? Anyway, one chick is splayed on the road wearing some very unflattering attire (sorry, my inner fashionista took over for a minute), another girl had her leg ripped from her crotch right at the joint, looking pretty badass. A man is also shown laying on the road dead but unfortunately his gut didnt burst… oh well, they can’t all be winners.

The man who hit the trio is also shown to be dead at the wheel of his car while a fifth man is on the road with a leg injury. No word on the cause of the accident but, damn.

Thanks to Pinky!

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25 thoughts on “Four People Dead in Accident Between Car and Motorcycle

  1. Whatever the cause of the accident, that leg is one large chunk of fresh meat. Lots of tender, thick, juicy steaks can be cut from that. No doubt, when the photo was taken, the meat was still close to body temperature. Very fresh.

  2. Sooooo….. Three people on a motorcycle??? No no !!! It’s fine …it’s probably absolutely safe if you ask me… just don’t ask me to be one of the three…. Oh yeah and what about the motorcycle???? Oh my God what about the motorcycle is the motorcycle okay!!? Somebody please tell me the motorcycle is okay !!!

  3. So fucking stupid…..stupid stupid fucking people. Can’t drive carefully and it isn’t like the roads were jam packed…I mean for fuck sakes how the fuck could you hit someone? Blind, stupid, ignorant, can’t drive for shit and all that were involved were going too goddamned fast. Being dumfucks without helmets or the proper fucking gear…Now here we go with filet o fishes in the street.

  4. Here is another great reason why one shouldn’t go triple riding and feel laid back and get everyone knocked down having their day lights shut forever .
    People People ………………just try riding ……. driving safe

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