Young Woman Commits Suicide By Ingesting Poison

Young Woman Commits Suicide By Ingesting Poison

I’m not sure where this is from because I don’t recognize the language, but a young girl committed suicide by ingesting some type of poison. Knock this one off my list of ways to die. I don’t want to be foaming at the mouth or shitting myself like this chick is. No info on why the girl committed suicide.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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22 thoughts on “Young Woman Commits Suicide By Ingesting Poison

  1. @yournextexgirl i can’t say for sure where she IS,but I’m absolutely sure of where she AIN’T. They def aren’t speaking Spanish or Portuguese, so Latin America is out. She is showing WAAY too much skin to be in a Sharia law supporting country, plus I would recognize Arabic, so the middle East is out. I speculate the video is likely in India. India has 22 OFFICIAL languages and many unofficial, all of which I don’t know a damn thing about, so it would make sense that I can’t recognize the lingo. based on the clothing and complexion, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries are also possible. as far as the poison, I can’t say,but she looks exactly like a suicide I saw involving cyanide. Those are my unsolicited, speculative thoughts on the unknown components of this vid!

  2. It almost sounds like Tagalog or another Philippine dialect… hm. She’s def still in the throes of it, too, poor kid. Her color makes it hard to see if it’s cyanide from the video.

    Much more likely Ddx is organophosphate poisoning (ingesting insecticides) – causes intense sympathetic nervous system response, then coma, then respiratory failure and death. Symptoms easy to remember with the SLUDGE acronym (salivation, lacrimation, urination, defecation, GI motility, emesis) or… you foam at the mouth, your eyes water, piss yourself, diarrhea, your intestines fuck off, if you’re lucky, you vomit – then you pass out, breathe weird through nasty foam for a bit, then die.

    Not fun, but VERY common form of poison suicide in developing countries. ?

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