Woman Not Paying Attention Goes Flying

Woman Not Paying Attention Goes Flying

What’s the first thing you do when you are walking across a really busy street with cars flying by? Oh yeah, you stay on your cell phone and never think of looking out for vehicles. And that’s just what this dumb chick did. She is too busy on her cell phone to pay attention to the world going on around her as she walks across a busy street and gets hit by a speeding car. The woman goes flying through the air and lands on another car. No info on if she survived or not but if she did.. i bet she doesn’t do that shit again.

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22 thoughts on “Woman Not Paying Attention Goes Flying

  1. Tony: …with a tight one and a half rotation barrel roll with full leg extension…
    Jim: And that beautifully stuck second car windshield landing!
    Tony: Yes! We may have just seen our first aggregate score over 4.7 in the 2017 Auto Olympics!!

  2. Reminded me of that old movie Death Race 2000, it was made in the late 70s or early 80s. The object of the race was to run over people for points. The more helpless or old, the more points you scored. It starred David Carridine.

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