Teenager’s Huge Burn Blister Is Drained

Teenager's Huge Burn Blister Is Drained

A teenager is shown in the ER getting a pretty decent size burn blister drained. The translation of how the teen got the burn was in French(no clue why since it’s from the US), and we all know how accurate Google Translate is, but the translation claimed the burn is from some kind of accident the teen had with hot grease. Maybe so, but it looks as if he grabbed something hot since it’s burned on his palm and the top half of his fingers. Burns are such painful injuries no matter how severe. The video shows the dead skin being cut away and new pink skin is now exposed. Hopefully the teen recovered completely from the burns without infection.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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16 thoughts on “Teenager’s Huge Burn Blister Is Drained

  1. Once while intoxicated I tripped and burned my hand on a fire pit made out of a piece of culvert. It wasn’t as bad as this kid but the blister covered the whole fleshy area of my palm between my thumb and wrist. The culvert had small round holes in it where I didn’t get burned as bad making two and a half circles in the middle of the blister. It sucked but now I have the faintest scar on my hand that looks like a skull complete with eyeholes and a nose. I’d like to say I learned something but I didn’t evidently. Several years later I bailed down my buddy’s rickety stairs and split my head open on a fireplace. Well, I got pictures of the stitches so maybe I learned something. I’ll send them in sometime. They’re pretty fuckin’ gnarly.

  2. This was highly entertaining to watch. But to listen to this bad audio made 90% of the video like a cheesy low budget porn film. Amazing how at least my mind converts certain things, I must be warped

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