Suicide Bombing In Pakistan Kills 13

Suicide Bombing In Pakistan Kills 13

On June 23rd, a suicide bomber blew up his car in Balochistan, Pakistan. The bomber loaded his car with explosives and drove to the regional police chief’s office where he tried to break through a security block but was stopped by guards. He then detonated the explosives.. killing 13 people in all and injuring 20 others. Out of the 13 killed, 6 were policemen. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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  1. Watching this video made me feel the despair the cameraman was feeling. Sounded like he was yelling someone’s name as he was running

  2. No one claimed resposibility? Then it was just another “alahsnackbar” randomly blowing up in spontaneous human combustion… You know, all the pressure, anxiety, it just builds up inside them and making them explode… But it can be cured by bacon. 😛

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