Man Is Electrocuted By Power Lines In Portland, Oregon

Man Is Electrocuted In Portland, Oregon

We got US gore! A man in southeast Portland, Oregon, climbed up a utility pole yesterday around 4:50pm and started pulling at wires and throwing items from his pockets. As the man was pulling at the wires, he grabbed one that shocked him. You can see the man being electrocuted as he hangs from the power lines, and at one point his head catches fire and smoke comes from his body. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say that they have not yet determined why the man climbed the utility pole to begin with, and his name has not been released yet.

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22 thoughts on “Man Is Electrocuted By Power Lines In Portland, Oregon

  1. seen quite a few people killed by electrocution but this was torturous. This man suffered greatly and had the video continued I wonder for how much longer. RIP

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