Guy and Girl With Big Tittays Get Shot To Death In Their Car

Guy and Girl With Big Tittays Get Shot To Death In Their Car

Earlier this month in Brazil, a married woman and her boyfriend were shot to death by the woman’s angry husband. The man and woman were turning into a motel to go do their thing when the husband showed up, walked up to the car they were in and shot at the two of them.. killing both. The man has some agonal breathing going on but it looks like the girl is pretty much dead. Too bad because she was really pretty. The boobs are a little much though. Not to mention she was a cheatin’ whore. 🙄

Thanks to @MrsPink!

56 thoughts on “Guy and Girl With Big Tittays Get Shot To Death In Their Car

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  2. Got a rental back the other day with bullet holes. One even destroyed the drivers side headrest. Thought it was a joke when they called asking our policey on bullet holes “no sir our insurance doesnt cover your bullet holes….”

  3. So sad all the way around on this story. The lover didn’t know she was married and she hadn’t divorced the husband cause he had money. Now the husband is a murderer, just sad.

  4. There’s gotta be more pics of her Showing off… I wouldn’t mind browsing ??
    For the side action boyfriend,hope the juice was worth the squeeze…as he takes his final agonal breaths.what really sucks for him is he was on his way to getting some.prolly saved up a week1/2 worth of jizz,took a cialis, and just bought her some lingerie to model for him.

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