Brain Removed From Skull During Autopsy

Brain Removed From Skull During Autopsy

It’s not Medical Monday but I can’t say no to seeing a brain being removed from a skull during an autopsy. The video shows the skull cracked open and the brain is exposed. It’s then completely removed from the skull and placed on a table. I think it’s absolutely crazy to look at a brain outside of the body and think how that is what controls us. Our memories, our movements, our thoughts are all in that piece of us. Cuh-rayzee.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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10 thoughts on “Brain Removed From Skull During Autopsy

  1. @yournextexgirl
    Thank you for sharing this video by far in the top ten medical videos I have had the honor is seeing. The dissection, the inside shot of the eye sockets. Been jonsesing for new content the past couple of days and had to resort to this site’s new porn section…

    • @scumcat ………quick chop the brain in to slices ………..hey don’t be that harsh ….lol
      Beside as your having worked as a pathologist tell us of your experiences about nastiest of the nasty post-mortems you ever conducted yourself and felt bad about it for days to come .

  2. Well ensconced I just love the way the brain remains seated in its skull cavity with the colorless body fluid to protect it from minor bumps and humps ………. and quite like a figurine the eye and mouth slots the muscle and the nerve endings it’s seen attached to within
    Quite a maze of circuitry there .
    Intricate is the word

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