Muscles in Action

Muscles in Action

As we all know the human body is absolutely fascinating. The way everything is connected and every cell in our body serves a purpose…kind of amazing when you really think about it. Today there are two videos, each showing injuries where we’re able to see the muscles underneath moving. I’m not sure how the first guy was injured but I love seeing the anatomy of his wrist at work and how everything moves to open and close the fist. That second guy was quite the talker considering his neck wound…I wonder if he sounded like that before he was cut. The grossest part to me was seeing spit bubbling up in his neck from speaking but I’m weird about spit I guess.

Thank you to Mrs Pink Pink!

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51 thoughts on “Muscles in Action

      • @littlefoot
        “.…the people attached to it not so much…”
        My friend says something similar.
        He works at a drug…i suppose you could call it “interim” service, a drop-in, getting/encouraging people INTO treatment.
        He says he would rather spend a day changing stinking bandages from weeping, infected femoral injections sites and lower leg ulcers – than listening to the disrespect & bullshit that comes from their mouths for a day.

        He says that even treatment has changed so much from back in our day…in regard to the stinking attitudes, and sense of entitlement from clients that he has to deal with from day to day nowadays.

        Back in the mid-late nineties, i was GRATEFUL for all the FREE help i got from such services, and very much vocally so. We didnt know each other back then..but he says he felt and displayed exactly the same

        Nowadays, it appears that everything is somebody elses fault.

        • @karmen40
          Oh man don’t even get me started on these self entitled assholes who think everyone owes them something πŸ˜†

          I’m lucky I get to work more behind the scenes when it comes to patient care but my sister has had to deal with some huge pieces of shit pulling up in their BMWs with their designer handbags bitching about their meds going up to $1.50 while the rest of us are paying way more than that for one prescription. These people have been handed shit all their life and don’t know the meaning of a hard day’s work and earning what you have. I’m grateful I had good role models in that aspect because if I ever turned into one of them I’d kill myself πŸ˜†

        • @karmen40 Having been on higher doses of narcotics in the past than what I’m on now, I can honestly say I was a narcissistic asshole while on 100mcg of Fentanyl. I was on that dose for nearly a year. I knew it changed my personality, but I had no idea how much. I’m surprised my then husband didn’t leave me right then. (I left him 9 years later).

          • @kitterz2
            believe me. in the thick of my addiction, (Heroin, benzo, & alcohol) i was total fuken arsehole.
            BUT, when i was recieving replacement therapy for FREE, when i was getting my (self inflicted) infections treated for FREE, and when people, who were paid VERY little (therefore entered those jobs as a vocation, with intent of helping others) offered me an empathetic ear, and went above and beyond to help me with social problems arising from my addiction….. I was fucking
            grateful, and had no quarms in showing and telling them i was fucking grateful.
            I was responsible for the mess i was in, I was the constructorof my own downfall….
            …so to be helped, unconditionally and free of charge was, to me, a PRIVILEGE – not something i felt i was entitled to?

            YES, i agree with you – opiate addiction changes the behaviour of the user…sometimes to a point where the “normal” character becomes unrecognisable.

            But my point – is that a lot of those being helped, and in treatment NOWADAYS, seem to hold this feeling of entitlement, as if these STILL (if not more) underpaid drug workers, are some way “obliged” to find ALL solutions for, lets face it, a situation that is caused by the drug abuser themselves?

            And Im not trying to argue or disagree here – just to point out how the attitudes of some (younger, if we are honest) addicts have changed from one of appreciation for help and treatment….to one of entitlement, & total lack of appreciation.

  1. Its amazing to see how Incredible the human anatomy is!
    Like a well lubricated machine all parts have a meaningful purpose and its a bliss to know how on top of it all there is a brain that gives peremptory orders for all kinds of gestures movements & actions to execute and all senses to work in tandem. .

    • Eh, Anatomy Lab was a place I learned there was no god, meaning, or purpose once and for all. As beautiful as we are, there is some fucked up redundancy and ass backwardness in bodies in general. Every child born without genetic defect or day you or I go without terminal cancer is a miracle by sheer numbers alone. ?

    • Hey Bro @blucon The anatomy may be pretty amazing, but the software that runs it can at times really go buggy. And are the models made in Pakistan any cheaper in quality???
      Like running to a crashed fuel tanker with buckets to collect the leaking β›½. Free gas, but oblivious to the danger if it blows. Then you get 150 fried shirt makers. Can’t wait to that video!

      • Bro @borntorun Tell me where not the bugs are !? . To get started there are ugly bots and bugs every where even the brain’s all too intelligent software is bound to crash sometimes when the skeletal muscle frame has its origin coming
        somewhere from middle east .
        As for the crash bots and bugs …………Pakis rule the roost and they aren’t proud or guilty about it .

        Hahahaha when the blaze sets on Porch Monkeys run for everything free
        and die by the dozens one by one on and on ..

  2. I adore hands. Basically, once you skin them down, they’re mostly tendons and bone with the muscle bellies ending way back mid forearm for the most part. Like puppet hands being pulled with levers and strings! Mechanical and lovely. Squeee!

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