Gang Enters Home and Beats the Fuck Out of Some Dude

Gang Enters Home and Beats the Fuck Out of Some Dude

Now here’s a little of the old Ultraviolence. Don’t have any context or info on just what sparked this brutality, just the video itself.

In an undisclosed Asian location, a group of men are seen gathered outside of an apartment. When they enter they unleash violence upon a man lying in bed. Whipping him and beating him until the bed breaks and he is covered in blood. They tben leave and the man is left alive but all kinds of fucked up. May be gang/debt related but it is pretty damn brutal. What do you guys think? Come up with your own story to go along with this video.

Thanks, Pinky!

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27 thoughts on “Gang Enters Home and Beats the Fuck Out of Some Dude

  1. I thought they were beating the hell out of a woman because of the shrieks, but it was the man’s girlfriend, they sure did beat the fuck out of him, the guy with the flick batton wouldn’t stop and was more pissed of about something, they then gathered around him afterwards and probably carried on with the beating after taking a breath.
    Hope there’s a part 2.

  2. What a way to get awoken from a nap!!! His poor kid foam playset mattress and bed take just as much a beating as he does. He he wearing panties??

  3. Chick in red jacket is baton mans mother. In bed man is blood related to baton man. In bed man dishonoured them all, that is why they cry.

  4. I recon that these asian guys had spent the afternoon getting themselves hopped up on a few glasses each of moloko vellocet, and after dishing out their doses of the old ultraviolence – they made their escape in a “Dorango ’95”

    But what really surprises this ‘ere young nalchick, is that they didnt follow up their doings with a bit of the old “in-out-in-out”, accompanied by an oriental rendition of “singing in the rain”…. all ‘orrorshow, like?

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