Tag That Image! #25

Tag That Image! #25

Tag That Image, motherfuckers! And check out last week’s winner over here!

Sorry for not posting this last night, I was getting a new tattoo.


Tell old Saint Nick on this doll where the clowm touched you my dear…



I guess cancer wasn’t the only thing she got for Christmas.


Dude, you said we were sacrificing a virgin to SATAN! This is the last time I go to a christmas party with you!


Rob Zombie presents: a christmas story


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37 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #25

  1. One day we’ll stand before God
    Without our bag of tricks.
    Without our red-nosed reindeer
    Or with or without phony old Saint Nicks;
    For Revelation twenty-one,
    Verse eight, tells where we’ll go:
    Condemned to everlasting hell,
    Where we ‘ll be nothing Ho! Ho! Ho!

    • Haha Bro @blucon ! I had to look that one up. That’s it, that’s what I hear those religious folks saying about tossing somebody into satan’s lake of fire, but the smell of sulfur is the real punishment. I love those searchable bibles, search on ‘prostitute’ an see how many hits you get 😉

      • Hey Bro@borntorun its kinda harrowing to learn all that from these clerics these days but I will tell ya one thing and that’s to say for us there will be place in the heaven . as we come atoned of sins to the temple of the king ………at http://www.rigoremortis.com/………lol
        Talk about hell yeah the Satan stands there laughing 24/7 and any of the vermin who gets issued passport to the hell gets tossed in the lake of fire . but I suppose with the modern times to ward off that obnoxious smell of sulfur they may have something of an incense with sharp lingering sweetness. And these days the one s who tell us and scare us are the ones who are given the dip first ……….clerics included first ………..lol

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