Woman Super Calm and Casual After Losing Her Legs

Woman Super Calm and Casual After Losing Her Legs

In what appears to be India, a woman loses both of her legs by train. I’m not sure if she was trying to commit suicide or if it was just an accident but she’s calm as fuck during this. She doesn’t look remotely upset and seems to enjoy practicing some new poses while she nonchalantly waits for help to arrive. I love the way she sees a flap of her skin hanging and casually smooths it back in place. I’d be freaking the fuck out if I was her but she seems to be embracing her new stump life just fine.

Thank you to our pinky pink for the video!

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12 thoughts on “Woman Super Calm and Casual After Losing Her Legs

  1. There is seriously something too weird going on with trains tracks and the people.
    I can’t understand why people have this nasty habit of chugging along when the trains come rolling on by …………it must look as
    if every one wants to be an engine or a bogie there .

  2. She needs a mirror to do up her make up
    as she feels she is gone unkempt & its interview time scheduled for her on the tracks with lots of cameras flashing on by and the reporters gathered around to sneeze cough and take a peep .
    Its admirable how with such severe trauma she manages to exchange words and move side to side .
    Her stumps are gone cauterized with severe heat when they came under the beastly wheels of that monstrous train.
    I don’t know why people like hanging out at places doing yoga and stuff where danger never stops to lurk.

  3. … she nonchalantly waits for help to arrive. …

    Who are you trying to kid? There is no “help to arrive” in those shithole countries. Why don’t those thousands of people around her “help” her?
    I’ll tell you why…
    They are waiting for the next Express to come by so that they can prop her up and have the train finish the job.
    Tragedy is the only form of free entertainment in those countries. It’s their version of “a concert in the park”

  4. Maybe she saw a very, very nice wheel chair out there and was looking for a good reason to finally get it.
    Plus she put her knee flaps back in place, so I’m sure if she really wanted to die, she wouldn’t have done that.
    It must be a very nice 24karat gold wheel chair.

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