Tumors Cover Bangladeshi Woman’s Entire Body

Tumors Cover Bangladeshi Woman's Entire Body

This lady here is Hosineara Begum. She is in her late 60’s and lives in Bangladesh. Hosineara is covered in hundreds of tumors all over her body. She has never been to a doctor, so she has no official diagnosis. She claims the growth of the tumors started from birth when she was born with a pimple-like bump on her lip. A roadside doctor cut off the bump and Hosineara says this is when the tumors starting appearing, some even reaching the size of tennis balls. She has been shunned by the people in her village. They refer to her as Potato Woman. The worst part is that Hosineara is in severe pain every moment of her life. She confessed that she prays for death daily. I am sure her family not being there for her doesn’t help things because they too have shunned her. Hopefully since Hosineara’s story is getting out.. she will find some kind of treatment.

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15 thoughts on “Tumors Cover Bangladeshi Woman’s Entire Body

  1. That roadside “doctor” was probably Papa Nurgle in disguise… geeesh… 😆 Maybe she should try swimming in that filthy Ganges river of theirs next time, in hopes for that to “heal”… I mean, it cant get any worse than that, can it?

  2. If ever there is a moment to pray I lay prostrate and I am prying now asking
    the good Lord to bless and heal her
    Jesus please heal the woman and take away her miseries
    Thank you . I see jesus walking in that blue robe of his ………….. can I touch him

  3. She’s very brave to go out in public, or should I say to try and be normal.
    I’d never be seen if I had what she has.
    It’s sad to wonder when the last time she’s been hugged. Damn I hope there’s treatment and a cure for condition.

  4. This is a severe, untreated case of Neurofibromatosis. The lumps are tumors formed at the ends of her peripheral nerves, which is why the condition can be exceptionally painful. It’s not contagious, its a genetic disease. It’s a shame that family had shunned her, she needs some tlc and a hot date with a cautery scalpel.

  5. Of all the physical complaints we have of our bodies such as Breasts being too small, Penis not erecting properly, mole being too big and on the wrong side of the face, body not muscular and tall enough, or nose shaped in a malformed way, there are conditions such as this beyond our own flaws that we should take consideration every time we obsess with bodily perfections and complain how we naturally look on the outside. Anyone could have been born ugly or beautiful.But it is better to be born ugly than living in an unhealthy and highly defective body that you cannot mend through any medical means.Throughout my life, I wished I was taller and able to grow a full beard, but every time I see a blind man with a whitecane walking on a sidewalk or an armless or legless fellow waiting at a bus stop, I remember again how luckier I am than many others…..

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