Mother And Son Killed After Falling From Ferris Wheel

Mother And Son Killed After Falling From Ferris Wheel

This right here is why I stay away from the Ferris wheel. A 35-year-old woman and her 4-year-old son were killed when they fell from the ride in Borazjan, Iran. The seat/bucket/people holder/whatever the two were sitting in malfunctioned and their seat belts unlocked sending them straight out of the seat to the ground. It looks like the mother tried to hang onto the boy but once she came in contact with part of the ride she lost her hold on him. Both died instantly.

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18 thoughts on “Mother And Son Killed After Falling From Ferris Wheel

  1. They went joy riding on the ferris wheels
    It got them feeling dizzy
    they puked out their meals
    and the next they knew was
    there was a loud thud under their arses
    to feel ……and I am telling ya they died instantly and have forever
    lost their zeal

  2. It’s almost as if there wasn’t enough weight in that cart when it was on its way up, therefore their weight couldn’t keep the cart down or level. Fire the maintenance guy!!
    Even the white cart started to tilt a bit on it’s way up.
    I wonder why the operator didn’t stop the wheel immediately, was he in the middle of a beheading or something, there’s no excuse for not stopping it.

  3. As a kid I fuckin loved when a carnival came to town in a huge parking lot,or the local church “bazaar”carnival. Last thing you imagine is shit like this. Tho maybe that’s what they get for going on the gayest of all carnival rides…the ferries wheel…unless is like the one they had at my church,totally enclosed cage,that had a lock bar that made the cage spin 360′ vertically. That was fun…only thing that fell out was your money,or loose items from pockets….or once in a great while someone’s supper would come up.??

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