Man Hacked and Left Stiff in the Street

Man Hacked and Left Stiff in the Street

Dude here was hacked at and appears to have been shot as well, then left in the street. By the time he is discovered, riGOREmortis has already set it. The clean up crew undresses him right then and there and we see the back of his head leaking a good bit of blood. Also featured – Penis.

Thanks, Pinky!

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25 thoughts on “Man Hacked and Left Stiff in the Street

  1. I’m surprised blood can still drip like that even after rigormortis had already started setting in. I thought the blood would already turn to sludge. Learn something new everyday!

  2. Can’t tell about his head, but it looks like his penis and balls were nothing to write home about. Glad they undressed him so we could see that there was no trophy in his pants. My ex-wife’s penis museum didn’t miss out on anything from this loser.

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