Dashcam Captures Car Hitting Guy on Bike

Dashcam Captures Car Hitting Guy on Bike

Short dashcam video catches a bicyclist getting hit by a car. He flips onto the hood and then goes flying forward where he lands in a heap, unmoving. Not sure where the accident happened or if the victim survived or not. One thing I do know for certain, though, is that we have slightly edited this version as the original featured some of the most obnoxious music known to man. Like, seriously, Brazil-level obnoxious. Sorry if you’re from there… but if you’re from there, you know haha.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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14 thoughts on “Dashcam Captures Car Hitting Guy on Bike

  1. Come on you guys. The bicyclist had on an orange shirt. If your cataracts are so bad you can’t see an orange fucking shirt, you need to commit suicide or just fucking quit driving. Fucking losers driving cars these days…

    • @xizang..totally agree. Ive got a 1946 knucklehead and this is 1 of my worst fears. Believe it or not, people just don’t see us i guess. I got hit on my 883 Sportster & to this day, I swear i saw that bitch’s eyes looking right at me before she hit me.

  2. Well everyones blaming driver …I think fuck wad peddling is more to blame.if Lance Armstrong here were riding in other lane against on “cumming” traffic like he shoulda,he would see speeding cars in his lane…instead of slowly trying to cross lanes blindly.?
    Unluckily driver prolly had his mind on something else for 4 seconds not noticing ?.

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