Two Brazilian Men Shot In Legs For Stealing

Two Brazilian Men Shot In Legs For Stealing

This seems to be pretty common nowadays with Brazilians. Someone steals something and they get the punishment of being shot in the hand or leg. I guess they thought shooting people in the head and wasting 700 bullets wasn’t working out anymore. I always wonder what the hell these people stole that was worth wasting a bullet on them. Then I look at things here like my town’s local crackhead, Tammy Tat-tat, who I watched walk out of Target last night without paying for her shit while no one did a thing, and it makes me think these Brazilians have the right idea after all.

Thanks @MrsPink!

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14 thoughts on “Two Brazilian Men Shot In Legs For Stealing

  1. Hahahaha they have the Quacks by the scene to nurse each other and that’s hilarious .A bottle of sulfuric acid can easily heal wounds inflicted to any Brazilian in a flash and they seem to have missed out on that part out of sheer
    forgetfulness .

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