Brazilian Singer Eliza Clivia Killed In Car Accident

Brazilian Singer Eliza Clivia Killed In Car Accident

Famous Brazilian singer, 37-year-old Eliza Clivia was killed in a serious car accident with a city bus in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil on Friday, June 16th. Eliza sang in the Cavaleiros do Forró group for years and had just come from a TV interview about her new solo career. She was with her husband and drummer, Sérgio Ramos, who also died in the crash. Three other men that were in the car are hospitalized but expected to survive.

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17 thoughts on “Brazilian Singer Eliza Clivia Killed In Car Accident

  1. So much for her solo career ?
    But at least they died together. They’ll never have to mourn the loss of one another but sux to die when you have so much going for you. Maybe the music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but at least she was making an honest living. RIP

    • Actually that’s something to chew on, would you rather know you’re going to die at such a date and time or rather not know? ?

      Well you already answered, but as for me, I’d opt for not knowing, too. I know how I am and I would do nothing but dwell on it 24/7 And drive myself insane. Let’s see if anyone else wants to play!

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