Woman Sets House On Fire And Kills Elderly Man

Woman Sets House On Fire And Kills Elderly Man

On Friday, June 16th, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a woman was live streamed on Facebook Live by neighbors as she set a house on fire and killed an elderly man. The woman.. whose name has not been released was filmed standing her fat ass on a chair and busting out a window.. then walking to a garage and getting a gas can. She then walks back to the house and pours the gasoline inside the window setting the house on fire with people still inside. Not long after the fire starts a woman breaks a window and jumps out, leaving 72-year-old Willie Greer inside. Neighbors watching the entire incident tried to kick in the door to help Greer but were too late. Relatives of the woman in the video said that she had a fight with her boyfriend who lived in the house but was not there at the time. Bitches be crazy.

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34 thoughts on “Woman Sets House On Fire And Kills Elderly Man

  1. This unmistakably must be the neighborhood where baboons live
    and that’s no way to get rid way of a pensioner baboon ……..atleast this fat arse bitch should have tried choking him to death by forcibly making the elderly baboon to simply smell her dirty crotch and days old unwashed poopster.
    Fucking hell …..yeah !

  2. Dumb fucking bitch…this is entitlement…this is the generation of the black lives matter bullshit. They don’t care about their own. I seen one bitch say once that white people had dogs blood in them….she was actually serious ? and oh the “We built da pyramids” from gangster trash. It’s bullshit…bullshit bullshit bullshit


  3. I’m saying…. And the whole time you never hear nobody called the fire department… You never hear nobody tell anybody else to call anybody in emergency services… Yeah let’s just watch the mother fucker burn stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

    • Ha! niggers like to watch shit that ain’t dems burn. In the 60’s it was “burn baby burn”. In Ferguson, “burn dis shit DOWN”. Yeah, the onlookers gave zero fucks and got entertained, savages!

      • Now there’s no actual time of day when this happened but it looks to be early in the day/ afternoon,you can hear birds chirping, and some nigger bouncing his basketball. Notice how many unemployed fuckers are just hanging around?… like every 80% black neighborhood in America they’re all on permanent vacations collecting welfare. Just 8 mins from my home on way to work there’s 4-5 block of neighborhood where there’s just groups of niggers hanging on porches and in front of liquor store with chairs! …(like it’s a bar) ages 18-60 all day+everyday.its like they have nothing else to do. Yet streets are littered with tires,mattresses,garbage.homes looks like shit,dilapidated…and they can care less.

        • It’s very easy to miss. I feel sick when I think about him in there. 72 years old and they let that happen to him. I wish charges could be brought up for everyone involved but I’m sure there won’t be because of their last ditch effort to “help”. And did you hear in the video that one of the bitchass little punks put a fire cracker at the door? My heart starts racing I get so mad

          • Because the little nigga could…and that’s all they need. No rhyme or reason just because that is what they wanted to do and no one around to stop them and no consequences afterwards…..shit he probably sat around saying “yo my nigga did you see that shit?!?! I set off that motherfucking firecracker like a beast! Fuck that dude he was old anyway my nigga”

  4. Simple minded toads could have stopped that silverback as she carried the gas can to the window, but they just laughed it up the whole time. And people think these ignorant animals are just like us but a different color? Get real.

    • @kburguete Lord I have seen it and heard it all with them….from one extreme to the next…then you have a vast majority that know better than all of that garbage. One broad was saying in an all black forum (I’m sneaky) that white people have dogs blood in us. SMH…how incredibly ignorant. But in videos like this there will always be their own unique brand of justification. Media spun it as they did a good thing.

      Baby no other race does this. I’m nowhere near racist but it’s true….except we can’t say that or use this as proof of anything. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…

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