Ivan Fandino Gored By Bull During Bull-Running Festival

Yesterday, 36-year-old Spanish matador, Ivan Fandino, was gored to death by a pissed off bull in Aire-sur-l’Adour in the southwest of France during a bull-running event. Fandino was using his cloak to taunt the bull when he became entangled and tripped. The bull saw a perfect moment and gored Fandino in the lung. Witnesses heard the matador screaming “Hurry up! I’m dying!” as he was carried to an ambulance. He suffered a heart attack on the way to the hospital and could not be saved.

Personally, I fucking hate matadors and I don’t feel sorry for this asshole one bit. In one of the pictures below it is clear that the bull is injured. If you’re going to risk your life to do some stupid shit to an animal and also abuse that animal.. then you deserve what you get.

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20 thoughts on “Ivan Fandino Gored By Bull During Bull-Running Festival

  1. Tripped , tossed and gored across the Matador is shown the door to the hell. He just did what a bull is supposed to do when it sees red
    What Ivan Fandino didn’t know was that the bulls hate seeing humans playing with their emotions Indeed that’s some splendid goring there …good old handsome bull .
    With that sorta head butt I don’t think the Matador might have survived …once again that’s a good old handsome bull .

  2. Its a sport which needs banned wherever its watched or played . I am all for the darling bull or these innocent animals .I don’t know what makes the spectators enjoy such a sport where an animal is harmed and brutally tortured to death although we at these gore sites wouldn’t mind a bastard done to death but as for these lovely animals my heart bleeds and cries out .
    I truly respect the strength within them and poise they come with . They are the types to be befriended and then you have nothing to worry about cause they can avenge if their masters are harmed .
    Hats off to the creator of these lovely animals I just adore them all

  3. Haha! And THAT is why I get my news here! MSM would stop the video right at the good part 😉 And for the goody goods that say they don’t want to see gore, 95% of people want to see gore and the other 5% are liars. Why the hell then are there traffic jams and crowds at the scene of a car wreck or some other disaster??? I can understand wanting to protect the children, but when we were kids in the 60’s, we would stare at the Mexican revistas at the news stands with people that had their heads all shot up, that was cool!

  4. Good for the bull! I had a pet bull named Bully…Bully had an adoptive calf/cow and they’d run across the field to the fence when my school bus dropped me off. I fucking love bulls and I think is atrocious what they do to them. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was Matador vs bull but they beat and stick them with things to really piss them off. So good fuck him

    • Ellen @trainwreck ………..Jesus fucking Christ you are naughty like nobody and oh yes …………to fuck with the gored up matador.
      Somebody should have told him that animals too have a limit to their patience and they can’t stand getting tortured for long .
      Bulls are my favorite and I truly respect their awesome ferocity coupled with the way they come looking so graceful and handsome .

      • Haha well you know. Bully was supposed to be mean. My aunt Ida didn’t like the fact I was socializing him and the young female. She was an awful woman and not really my aunt but one of those long time family friend kind of deal. I used to let them lick me until I found out that the regurgitated their food to eat it …. Blegh

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