Girl Gets Slapped Silly

I’m not sure why this girl is getting the shit slapped out of her but she’s taking those hits pretty well until she starts crying. I am assuming she probably fucked a dude over by fucking another dude, but it’s Brazil, so it could be a number of things. Girl needs to learn to defend herself, her little weak arm blocks didn’t do a thing.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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18 thoughts on “Girl Gets Slapped Silly

  1. All I ask is what did the fuckers get out of throwing punches at the girl .
    Was she any match against the rogues . The vermins should have met their own match .
    She seemed like a good chick .Umm … I would have pardoned her for all her follies just looking at her cleavage.
    Why don’t these Brazilian scum bags think of the other ways of reprimanding rather than handle man or woman as they please.

  2. Just a few love slaps…i would have felt bad if those were close fisted, shes lucky,cause in past brazil chic videos weve seen them stabbed in guts with machetes by spouse ,shot in head with friends,ect ect….this is just your typical afternoon waiting for you your wife to make dinner and shes taking to long and youve already been waiting since 6

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