Huge Explosion After Tanker Truck Turns Over

Back in April.. a tanker truck carrying some kind of fuel through Brazil was in an accident and was flipped onto its side. During the accident.. some of the fuel spilled out onto the road and firefighters on scene told a crowd that was quickly gathering to get away from the truck. People were warned multiple times to move, but as you can see.. it did no good. All of sudden the spilled fuel ignites and there’s a huge explosion. A huge fireball engulfs the truck and most of the people standing around. No info on how many fatalities, if there were any, which I am sure there were.

Thanks @MrsPink.

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14 thoughts on “Huge Explosion After Tanker Truck Turns Over

  1. Just get away its your deadly gasoline ……….. ya know what it means .
    For foolhardies that was a sight to behold to get blown away get charred cause they never listened ;what was told .

    Who is to blame here ……………the death stalks night and day
    there is never a word or a whisper to where one must stay
    Just pay with your goddamned sick life this is all it says

    • It was protesting all the assholes who were blowing their horns despite the fact that the truck was trying to roll on it’s back so other assholes could rub it’s belly. Then, when it lured in enough belly rubbering assholes, BAM! Plan worked.

  2. If I learned one thing from Crocodile Dundee it’s that rhinoceros are afraid of fire…uh…maybe that wasn’t Crocodile Dundee. But if I learned one thing from this video it’s that fire is not afraid of car horns.
    This is Brazil’s tribute to Hollywood. The Walk of Flame.

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