Guess What Happens When Performer Sticks His Head In Crocodile’s Mouth

Guess What Happens When Performer Sticks His Head In Crocodile's Mouth

Idiot of the week goes to this genius who thought sticking his head in a crocodile’s mouth was a smart idea. In some reject zoo in Thailand.. a performer was putting on a show where he was going to show the audience he controlled the croc and that no matter what.. the croc would not bite him. Okay, stupid idea number one: sticking your head in a crocodile’s mouth. Stupid idea number two: Leaving it there for 20 fucking seconds. He got what he deserved ’cause there ain’t no cure for stupid.

36 thoughts on “Guess What Happens When Performer Sticks His Head In Crocodile’s Mouth

  1. That’s some well deserved gatoring the headless moron got for trying out a stunt out of all known proportions.
    A well heeded warning went ignored cause the Gator was taking siesta and that’s an odd hour to be around ’em big fellas with killer jaws.


    • @deathoverdue Fur sure, what the hell was he thinking. I may have told this joke long ago on the old unmentionable site but I can’t resist given the topic:

      A guy walks into a pub with a crocodile on a leash. He jumps up on the bar and commands the croc to reach up and bite him in the crotch. He orders a beer and guzzles it down. After what seemed like an eternity, he smashes the croc on the head with the empty bottle to release his sack. The guy then glares at the gathered crowd and growls, “I dare any of you mother fuckers to do THAT!” One shy petite girl slowly raises her hand and says, “I will, but you have to promise not to hit me on the head with a bottle . . .”

    • Hahahahaha..bro …..@karmen40
      you think the clap caused the gator to lose control or the gator was simply wanting to wreak some previously harbored vengeance

      Whatever the guy is gonna be twice shy about trying out that stunt even if he is left without a job and has to remain on hungry stomach ..

  2. All that scene lacked was a death roll and the critter could have had the guy’s head for lunch. I think folks would pay to see that. Sponsors? Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Snapdragon flowers from your local florist.

    • @checienfuegos He got what he deserved….actually he deserved far worse after hitting him or her with sticks and whatever else he had done to him or her prior. They are nowhere near dumb animals and the crock knew exactly what he or she was doing. Unfortunately, I hope not, they might kill it afterwards.

      Fuck I love my alligators and love Crocs too but Gators are my favorite. This pisses me off ?

  3. SeaWorld Thailand! This is Tilikum all over again. Well…not quite, it would have been if he pulled him under and chewed on his head for half an hour. Oh, the things that could have been. *hangs head, places both hands on screen, shakes head slowly, single tear*

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