Man Choked to Death by Couple

Man Choked to Death by Couple

On May 28, a 24 year old man was beaten and choked outside of a Denny’s restaurant in Houston, Texas. The victim, John Hernandez, was confronted by Terry Thompson after Hernandez was caught urinating outside. Thompson began beating Hernandez, who was very drunk at the time so didn’t put up much of a fight, and got him on the ground in a choke hold. Thompson’s wife Chauna, a cop, helped Terry restrain the victim who at this point was kicking and gurgling. Witnesses, including the victim’s wife and 3 year old child, were begging the couple to stop and let the man go but the two wouldn’t listen. Hernandez was taken to the hospital where he died three days later from his injuries. According to the autopsy he died of strangulation and chest compression. Terry and Chauna Thompson have been charged with murder and could face anywhere from 5 years to life in prison.

Clearly, this Terry guy had some anger issues and his wife being a cop should mean something but we’ve all seen videos of cops being too aggressive so she’s probably one of ‘those’ types. I’m not sure what pissed him off so much that a guy was peeing outside. I imagine his wife said something and the guy being drunk probably said fuck off or some shit and next thing Hernandez knows he’s on the ground. It’s sad that a guy who was essentially minding his own business dies like that especially in front of his little girl who I’m sure will be scarred for life. Honestly, the thing that pisses me off the most about this video is the stupid dipshits trying to block the camera saying it’s illegal to film. Filming on public property is not illegal and perhaps if they had put that energy into helping the guy being choked to death they could’ve saved a life instead of being annoying as shit. Plus it’s a good thing the guy did film it as it was used as evidence to charge these two assholes. I think people need to learn when something is worth fighting over and when they should just walk away. The drunk guy pissing outside of a Denny’s is rude and gross but he would’ve been done and on his way but because these two ‘heroes’ had to come in and save the day they’re now looking at a potential life sentence.

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A cute video of John Hernandez and his little girl

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24 thoughts on “Man Choked to Death by Couple

  1. I would’ve punched that little dick-sucking redneck bitch in her cum gobbler had I been there and knocked that toothless bastard buddy of hers the fuck out too. Fuck both those trashy fuckfaces. May the murderers get forever raped and tortured in prison–where they belong.

  2. Brrr.Brrr…………. The couple Terry and chauna look every bit like two dead scared deathly sick cats who were just got caught unawares not knowing that there always exists long arm of the law . Brrr.Brrr.
    There is no where else but the prison cell is ………….. where the two belong .

    • Too true @xizangone the day the police hold themselves to a higher standard of the law they claim they enforce is the day I will have an ounce of respect for the law.

      I’m pretty sure I know what Chauncy would do if she came upon this scenario and it doesn’t differ much from what I would do. Let’s say two people were choking out someone undeserving of such force. They get warned once to stop and then they each get a boot to the face. Poor form, kicking someone in the face but nothing compared to these two neanderthals behaviour.

  3. This one pissed me off when I first saw. Dumb fucking redneck motorcycle dude and the other broad blocking it all trying to censor the actions of the innocent law enforcement even though she was off duty. Her husband did not have any legal right to hold him into a chokehold. She has been cited before.

    I hope they do get sentenced but we all know how well that works out

      • I want to stab them in the eyeballs. I hate egotistical and self righteous cops who over step their boundaries. I’m nowhere near a cop hater…or hater in general I do hate everyone equally. Then Billy badass blocking the guy filming and chick yelling it’s against the law to film them…I was so fucking mad watching.

        BTW I’m watching the hunger games mockingbird or some shit and I’m so confused.

  4. All for peeing outside. I’m more disgusted with the butchy looking woman’s choice of clothing than by some drunk dude pissing. Those two stupid ass “omg it’s illegal to record” morons should be charged as well. Somebody needs to learn their rights.

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