Elderly Man Commits Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Train

Elderly Man Commits Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Train

The video shows an elderly man committing suicide by jumping in front of a train in Mexico City, Mexico. I can only imagine what makes an elderly person kill themselves after sticking it out for so long. Terminal illness, loss of his spouse, money problems, etc. Apparently whatever it was.. was enough to make this man want to go out with a bang. The joys of getting older. Thankfully.. I am going to be 21 forever. Also.. I don’t know why the date says 2012. News reports say it happened days ago.

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26 thoughts on “Elderly Man Commits Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Train

  1. I swear it looks like the woman in the white jersey is having the time of her life ? she’s like hoooly fuck babe did you see that?! Haha!!!

  2. Im gonna be 21 forever too!

    Except, unfortunately, im am not.
    Its a strange thing (those of you of a “certain age” will know) reaching the point when you are more than halfway through you life.
    At a young age, we all feel like we will live forever – we have no concept of time, as far as a lifes length is concerned.
    But after passing that halfway point, we KNOW that the time we have left is less that the time we have lived…and we then DO have some concept of time – we KNOW what half a life felt like…how short it has seemed…and that we have less than that amount of time left.
    I dont know about others, but for me…and i’ll say it….it was a very frightening realisation.

    Now, i have no idea of the motives of this older bloke in the video. But as his motives had been speculated/considered in the article, I just felt it somehow appropriate to raise this issue relating to the concept of age, time, and a lifestime

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