Child Goes Unnoticed As He Drowns

Child Goes Unnoticed As He Drowns

I don’t know if this is a hot tub or some kind of weird looking swimming pool, but a child that looks to be about three or four-years-old is playing in the water inside of a floatation device. Just like in this video and this video, the child is left around water unsupervised. Somehow the floatie that the kid is in turns over and causes the little boy’s head to go underwater. He struggles but is stuck upside down inside of the pool toy. Luckily, someone sees the child drowning and rushes over to pick him up. I have no info on if the child survived or not. Watch your kids, people.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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19 thoughts on “Child Goes Unnoticed As He Drowns

  1. Watch our kids what? Who has time for that? Watch them for too long and someone calls LE on you and you’re taken away and falsely charged or worse, they’re taken away from you by CPS. Besides, that’s what siblings are for. πŸ˜›

    • Holy shit that seemed like an eternity, thanks for the PSA Nextie! Just like you have a designated driver on a night out with the crew, you need a designated lifeguard at the pool party, no beers, no shit, they just scan the water watching the kidlets! Jesus!

  2. That’s gotta the worst flotation device ever made! What’s it have, a stupid seat belt in it!?
    Arm/shoulder floaties work better and they also let you do tumble turns successfully.

    • @re-pete there were zero safety features on it…the kid couldn’t even get his legs out….like the damn faulty rubber ducks in the bathtub…you know the ones that stay flipped over……..that. Even if kiddo did get free didn’t seem as if he or she could swim. I was swimming before the age of three…I took onto swimming quicker than walking. Saved me countless times and think every child should know how to swim before the age of 5 or stay away from the water.

      • @re-pete & @trainwreck I use to have one of those for my daughter when she was 2, and the same thing happened to her but I was standing right in front of her so I just reached over and flipped it over, she was giggling and wanted to do it again, I was scared she came so close to drowning, but I didn’t want her to know this, I did tossed it out in the trash the next day.

        • I thought about if I’d ever seen one of these in person and I think so. Aren’t they the ones with the elastic leg holes? They’re terrible and you can’t just leave your kid alone. CCTV isn’t a baby sitter the poor baby. Of course you were right there you’re awesome and responsible. I hope they don’t make these anymore…I really don’t. Like I posted on this thread somewhere I was swimming before I was walking and it was the best thing anyone could have done for me.

          Kids have no damn fear I swear.

  3. What the fuck is wrong with some parents? Jesus Christ!! Probably there with his single mom, nothing against single moms because I’m currently dating one of the best, looking for her next sugar daddy. Goddamn this shit pisses me off!! Ok I get it if you’re looking the other way while your child is having fun.In that scenario, I don’t care if you’re about to shit your pants, you don’t get out of eyeshot of your child….underwear (and or pants) be damned.

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