Man Jumps Off Tower After Girl Rejects His Marriage Proposal

Man Jumps Off Tower After Girl Rejects His Marriage Proposal

On May 16th in Chhattisgarh, India, a 20-year-old man named Kamal Singh committed suicide by jumping off of a 120-foot tower. Kamal had earlier went to meet up with his sister, her husband and the husband’s younger sister. Kamal was secretly in love with his brother-in-law’s little sister and asked the girl to marry him. After the girl rejected his proposal, Kamal stabbed her and left her to bleed out. Later that day.. he climbed a nearby tower and jumped, killing himself instantly. He does a nice little bounce when he hits the ground. The girl survived her injuries but was listed in critical condition.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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24 thoughts on “Man Jumps Off Tower After Girl Rejects His Marriage Proposal

  1. This is the first jumper not filmed on a potato, not filmed by mr. Shakycam, follows the person to the ground and has aftermath closeup! Its like the holy grail of jumper videos, and should hold special status as the first of its kind!

  2. Speaking from experience, both personally and professionally, not every rejection is a death sentence. I just thought I’d throw that out there. However, keep in mind that if you get all stabby on we the living, you’re on your own and you may find your abrupt path quite rock solid very quickly!

  3. All set ready to go, but little do I know
    I ain’t comin’ back no more
    All set ready to fly, into that deep blue sky
    Like so many times before

    Now the tower’s callin’, there’s no reply
    And there’s nothin’ I can do
    Now the night is fallin’ before my eyes
    Still no one’s comin’ through, callin’………………….

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