Man Has His Head Twisted Off

Man Has His Head Twisted Off

I don’t have any info on this one but all these beheadings and shit are basically over the same thing. Either he is a rival, a snitch or a thief. Oh, he also could have fucked one of their wives/girlfriends too. Who knows. The video starts off with the man still alive and screaming as his killers behead him. They have trouble getting the head all the way off the body, so they twist and twist and finally cut it loose. Is there any death worse than being beheaded? I think it ranks up in my Top 5 ‘Please Baby Jesus Don’t Let Me Die This Way’ list.

Thanks @MrsPink.

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16 thoughts on “Man Has His Head Twisted Off

  1. Is he wearing ladies panties?
    Which, by the way, isn’t a bad thing.
    I consider it a matter of comfort with a broader range of colors. Just try to find men’s underwear in periwinkle, flecked with violet and finished with red stitching.
    Jes’ sayn’

  2. What in the world an owl wouldn’t do for a 360 degree head turn …………… all that this video has left me guessing …..but but …………but for a sec that gnarly snarl sounded awesomely pretty good .

  3. Hey everyone! I’m a newbie here and I actually have a question….is there a reason y I can play some of these videos but not others? This is about the 4th one that won’t play….doesn’t show any video time length etc or anything! Like that “play” arrow is just there to f**k w my head (pun intended on this one lol) 🤨🤔🤔😠

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