Chinese Driving Fail Compilation

Chinese Driving Fail Compilation

Hello my good little Gorriors. Today I have a compilation of three videos showing vehicle-related deaths in China. The Chinese are notoriously dangerous drivers and and the following videos showcase that. Enjoy.

And props to Pinky!

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16 thoughts on “Chinese Driving Fail Compilation

  1. Smh…did the the first guy think he was Superman and was going to hold back huge box truck?
    …and 2nd driver should have license revoked for eternity…and serve 21 years of 45 year sentence for manslaughter x 3.
    How is it that some of the smartest race of people get behind the wheel,they instantly become retarded?

  2. That’s one way to curb population explosion .
    and China mustn’t step back in patting its killer drivers for if they weren’t driving
    around recklessly the way they do the country wouldn’t have had space for all the populace .

    Thanks to the world of chinks for letting not the earth to tilt.

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