Man Betrays His Best Friends

Man Betrays His Best Friends

Happy Monday everybody! Some things in life just make you say why? Like today’s video where a man decided he wanted to have his balls removed. I’m sure this was done for sexual purposes but…why? Sweet Jesus why? He’s fully awake, strapped down and watches as his best buddies are snipped from his body. What did they ever do to him? They always hung around only asking to be played with and scratched every now and then. They didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wonder in these situations if the people mutilating their bodies ever regret it afterwards? I guess having his nipples and taint pierced just wasn’t enough. Let’s say a farewell to lefty and righty who were probably quickly thrown out in the trash like a newborn Thai baby. RIP testes…the music is so fitting 😆

Thank you to our Pinky for the video

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38 thoughts on “Man Betrays His Best Friends

  1. I will never understand why some guys willingly part with something I had no choice in losing. And to take them both! Have fun with hormone replacement therapy. As a side note, this was quite the hatchet job. Surgeons remove testicles up near the inguinal canal. By doing so, they remove all of the cords and blood vessels. This guy will have to go to a real surgeon to have the cords removed or he will live a life of pain.

    • Like a constant kick in the balls pain??? Oh that would suck to have an eternal rupture. Now with enough hormones he could grow some boobs and look like Chelsea Manning. I saw ‘her’ on the news the other day and ‘she’ needs a training bra.

        • It all makes perfect sense. I thought I read we all start out in the womb as female. Women are the dominant sex, ask captain kirk on the planet of women, look at Wonder Woman or Margaret Thatcher’s quote: If want to talk about something ask a man, but if you want something done ask a woman. Women rule the world, they have a special power 😉

  2. Don’t ya try giving heart attacks@deathoverdue ………….just stay put & hang in on there …..
    This is where your abode is ………………beside there is none of us stopping ya having loads of fun in on here …….. i thought you wouldn’t digress but come forward to writing an obituary for the testes that got lost unnecessarily and sorrily.
    All along for once every dick could get to hear a good instrumental letting it to yawn and feel sleepy like never before ………..

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