Freshly Butchered Long Pig in a Wheel Barrow

Freshly Butchered Long Pig in a Wheel Barrow

Don’t know anything about this particular video but it’s pretty interesting. The aftermath of a brutal slaughter leaves (how many?) body parts piled into a wheel barrow. Looks like some real shit went down… but looks like we we’re a little late for the party. But not too late for the BBQ!

ON A SIDE NOTE: would you rather eat a human infant or run over a box of kittens? Being a cat lover, I think you already know my answer. And props to tha Pink!

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20 thoughts on “Freshly Butchered Long Pig in a Wheel Barrow

  1. I think that has to be gutted to be smoked properly, @obli. I could be wrong about that, though. I know that a pig can be smoked for quite a while, up to 18 hours in one of those Hawaiian luau pits dug into the ground. I had one of those in Puerto Rico long ago. Good times.

  2. Just be extra careful with the ground meat that you get out there!
    @obli I’d run over a box of kittens, but I’d make damn sure those tires didn’t run over them, to keep them safe πŸ˜‰ That counts as running over them!

  3. If they were MUSLIM children, I would run over them, put it in reverse and run over them again, then back into drive and get ’em again. Kittens? Never! What the fuck is wrong with you???

    My ex-wife, the one starting up a new Human-Penis Museum in Las Vegas, wants to know where this dude’s penis and balls are. She says “Foul” if some jerk has already made off with the trophies.

    As for the rest: You should skin the animal and gut it first. Then wash with lots of clean, clear water, before putting the meat on the BBQ. The skin should be stretched and tanned properly, which can make some great leather articles. Boots, belts, wallets, purses, book bindings…

  4. Those are prime and ready for smoking,just need a good dry rub,then a slow roll at 175 for about 16 hours over post oak hickory mix ,it’d be like meat candy,also the pits at my job can hold 6 humans each easy,and theres 3 of the fuckers,i smoke five times that wheel barrow every night 365…it’d be like fried green maters all over…ps never run over a cat if i can help it,shit last week a wild ass dog caught my cat and killed him lucky there everwhere here…rip poor fucker (s) in barrow,good post @obli and mucho gracias @mrspink

  5. Hmmmm deffintly time to bust out the tennesee dry rub @queeg0909 175 seems like a high temp to smoke. I like to let it sit around 120 but i have a wimpy electric smoker πŸ™ also @obli deffintly the cats. I HATE cats. Ironicly i actualy love animals and if i had seen a box of kittens id bust a bigass u turn/180 in the road and they would deffintly be coming home with me lol

  6. Do any of you guys recall a photo they had over at several years ago? It was a man standing with several kids around him. He had a knife in his hand, cutting off slices from the arms of a dead little boy, sitting on a big cutting board. It may have been someplace in Indonesia as the kids looked like Pacific Asians. The dead kid was apparently cooked or roasted. Repulsive and intriguing at the same time.

  7. BY THE WAY: Do any of you know of any photos or videos coming out of Venezuela? We’ve been hearing stories for a few months now about how desperate things have become there. Stories of starving people robbing food trucks, bakeries, even stealing and eating all the animals in the zoos. I’ve heard stories of cannibalism, but so far have seen NO photos or video.

    Anyone know of anything interesting from our socialist neighbors in South America?

  8. What happened here ? …….no wonder when the pigs are cut to pieces all they decide to do is to leave the goddamn butcher’s house remaining laid back in barrows feeling no pain no sorrows thinking of no tomorrows .

    oink oink oink

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