What’s In The Bag?!

What's In The Bag?!

On Thursday, June 8th, two burned and decapitated bodies were found in the area of Ybype, Amambay, Paraguay. The bodies are believed to be those of two sisters that were kidnapped at gunpoint from their home in Pedro Juan Caballero on Wednesday. Adriana, 23-years-old and Fabiana, 28-years-old.. were found burned and headless in a van after their cell phones were traced to the location. Police said that a machete and a chainsaw were also found in the burning van. Fabiana’s severed head was later found in a garbage bag left for her family who identified her. Police believe that Fabiana was involved in drugs.

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    • I’m at an age now where it just seems so insane and dumb people lose their lives over drugs. The billion dollar bizz that surrounds it,People killing each other over powder made from a plant,or cuz they’re so addicted. The war on drugs was bullshit. This country wanted it to be an epidemic cuz of all the revenue it brings in just from negative effects: rehabs,jail time,court,fines,etc. it makes money on top of money.

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