Drug Addicts Intentionally Break Woman’s Leg

Drug Addicts Intentionally Break Woman's Leg

Well.. shit got crazy in Russia. What’s going on here is that three desperate addicts are trying to come up with any way possible to feed their addictions. The guy in the black shirt is intentionally trying to break the leg of the woman so that a doctor will prescribe her pain pills. Being an addict as long as I was.. I have to say I know several people that have done similar things to this, falling off of ladders, dropping cement blocks on their ankles, crazy shit. This is a level of addiction that thankfully I never hit, but I do understand the desperate feeling they felt to go to this extent. Not gonna lie, my first thought was, “Now this dumb bitch has to split her pills three ways.” Like I said, I wasn’t like this. I never would’ve shared my drugs.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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15 thoughts on “Drug Addicts Intentionally Break Woman’s Leg

  1. Oh god its like a rainy day in a florida, our drug problem is stupid out of control. Some people very close to me stole a tanning bed once to feed their habbit. Even broke IN TO jail to sell drugs, then broke back out to make off with the money. All in a days work i guess. Thats why i stick to my habitual process. Many people i love have similiar problems.

    • @stonedrocks Do they still have the pain pill offices? I’ve never long term lived in Florida but have “stayed” there several months to 6 months at a time periodically my whole life. The pain pill epedimic is and has been really out of control. People are moving there solely because of the hundreds of open pain management clinics. Have they started regulating them or is it still the same?

      I’ve had drug issues but I’ve never stolen for them, sold my soul or intentionally hurt myself to get them. With my current pain management I do take medication but I’ve even tapered myself down on them. Although the worse thing I have done is filed a false police report after someone I knew stole my medication so my doctor would give me a new script. I knew the person that took them so it really wasn’t entirely false just the details. I barely knew the chick and should’ve just been forthright with the police but I felt sorry for the cunt

  2. I used to work with a pain pill junkie. I remember him crying for pills on a Thursday night and then come in the next day to pick up his check, all stiff because he had “accidentally” spilled boiling water on his chest and had to go to the ER.

  3. I’m pretty sure I could have come up with a better idea or fifty. She should have pepper sprayed both humps for even coming up with such a plan for starters, or shot them. Those are both good for ER visits resulting in pain meds, too. And they would have got at least twice as much. ๐Ÿ™„

  4. Wong understand addictions very much since he battle his own demon for many years with addictions to cupcakes and various form of german porn. He once get lock up after break into bakery late at night and mix both addiction together while defile 2 dozen rainbow cupcake while watch german pee porn video. Sad but good times too.??

  5. I guess I have the pain pill addiction but nothing like this extreme, I tend to keep it quiet. I order the meds I want from overseas and then still try to tell my docs I need it. My doctor wants me to do a genetic test that can prove that my body can hold more drugs in it without a huge reaction. All started with back pain then only now has been diagnosed as fibromyalgia which sucks ass because you are in a lot of pain with it but everyone says there’s nothing wrong with you. I used to have my drug supplies on point back home but now i live in the states it’s much harder for me. I don’t beg or steal or lie. I use my own money I just have no contacts here. For me it’s not the rush it’s the feeling of calm and not being in pain. Anyone wanna help a girl out? My usual source takes friggin ages to come through

    • I feel for you darlin’. I have a friend with it who nearly went crazy because no – one would believe them. Took three years to get a diagnosis and only now do doc admit it with nary an apology.

      At one stage they my friend had Conversion Disorder! New fancy name for Hysteria! It will get better for you as more docs learn about it. No-one admitted or knew about AIDS either, but they do now!!!!


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