Somebodies Become Some Bodies

Somebodies Become Some Bodies

Another bad accident left two people dead and splattered on the road. Gotta love this modern art, guys. No information on it and nothing really worthy of note, either. Just some bodies who used to be somebodies.

Thanks, @mrspink.

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6 thoughts on “Somebodies Become Some Bodies

    • What crawled outta that bag and what ya saw
      @re-pete actually were two souls in combo .Long before the accident was to happen the duo’s souls thought it best to sneak in there and hide comfily .

      Lastly the blue bag decided on setting them free and now they are out and about shopping like madsters

    • Looks like a heart to me. Got hit so hard his heart got knocked out. Could be something else as some internal parts twitch shortly after leaving the body, however; the twitching seen in the video looks to be that of a heart beating.

      At the animal clinic I work at, sometimes the testicles will twitch after a neuter. Like they are attempting to crawl back in.

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